• Pigeons, Osnabruck Square, Derby 01

    Pigeons at Osnabruck Sq, Derby

    I hit the streets of Derby earlier today, the 50mm lens mounted and ready for action. I took a calm walk around part of the city and then ended up socialising with a flock of pigeons in Osnabruck Square. I thought to myself, this could be interesting, so I hung around for 15 minutes and …

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  • Tasha Lawer 02

    Tasha Lawer Portrait

    This shoot took place in a charming space down Sadlergate, Derby. The building has huge windows allowing plenty of natural light to flow through. It was a dull day, so overhead clouds allowed for very soft natural light. – Images © Daniel Dytrych –  

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  • Homeless Man - Bridgetown, Barbados © Daniel Dytrych 02

    Bridgetown, Barbados

    During a short new year break in Barbados, I planned to make two trips into Bridgetown to shoot some of the homeless locals. Bridgetown is the capital of the Barbados and has a big history from the years the British empire that laid claim to the island in 1625. Even though Barbados had their independence …

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  • Derby Makers Project Letterpress Cards 01

    Derby Makers Project Letterpress Cards

    I visited The Smallprint Company in Derby today for the Derby Makers Project article. They specialise in traditional letterpress and design and they were kind enough to make me up some cards made from their Gill Sans font. The font for DMP was designed using Gill Sans so it was amazing to see and feel …

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  • Grass Frost Mono 04

    Grass Frost Mono

    Today was pretty much one of the first frosts of the year. I took the dog out for a few hours in the morning, brought the camera along ready for any photo opportunities that may come along. Along hedgerows, the grass shaded from the suns barely warm rays, frost covered grass was untouched. It got …

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  • Derby Makers Project Artwork

    Derby Makers Project Lauched

    I’ve finally got round to launching the Derby Makers Project. It’s simply a growing collective of talented makers in the city. Derby has a lot of great talent on offer, so I’ve decided to set myself a challenge to meet the makers and document what they make. The makers can be discovered through an interactive …

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  • Wolfgang Buttress 01

    Wolfgang Buttress, Nottingham

    Today I was honored to have had the chance to shoot Wolfgang Buttress in his studio in Nottingham, England. He’s an award winning artist with sculptures featured in London, Milan, Tokyo and Chicago. – Images © Daniel Dytrych www.wolfgangbuttress.com –

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