• Mya Hutchinson Portrait 2017 © Daniel Dytrych

    Mya Hutchinson Portrait, Darley Abbey

    Mya Hutchinson lives in Darley Abbey and is only 14. Such a naturally photogenic girl who was so easy to shoot. I took her portrait on the streets of Darley Abbey against a white brick wall. – The Collection Images © Daniel Dytrych –

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  • Tilly Hurdis 2017 © Daniel Dytrych 04

    Tilly Hurdis Portrait

    A shoot with 14 year old Tilly Hurdis. Her leather jacket is by Gestuz and was kindly supplied by independent clothing shop, Canopy, Derby. https://canopyonline.co.uk/ – The Collection Images © Daniel Dytrych –

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  • Connor Manning 2017 © Daniel Dytrych 01

    Connor Manning Wearing ellesse

    Connor Manning, 17, is a Derby lad. We met up on Sunday morning on Sadler Gate and walked a few local streets until we came across a grungy white painted wall. It was hidden away from the sun, which produced some soft shaded light. Connor was to young to live the popular classic ellesse days …

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  • Rue Moriah 2017 © Daniel Dytrych 001

    Rue Moriah Portrait and Fashion Shoot

    I was on the look out for a black female model to add to my collection of portrait and fashion shots, when I found Rue on Instagram. I instantly knew she would look great in front on the camera, so I got it organised. She styled herself, makeup was her own and the rest was …

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  • Alexandra Bates 2017 © Daniel Dytrych 002

    Alexandra Bates Portrait and Fashion Shoot

    Alexandra Bates is part of the Blok Knives team at Darley Abbey Mills, Derby. She’d never done a photo shoot before, but I put her at ease and we had some fun with a vintage British built Mini around the Mill. She also had a pair of stylish circle Ray-Bans that fit the look really …

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  • Amy Williams Marshall © Daniel Dytrych 05

    Amy Williams Marshall

    Amy  Williams Marshall styled by Madison Fiorenza. Instagram: @madisonfiorenza – The Collection Images © Daniel Dytrych –

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  • Luke Walton 2017 © Daniel Dytrych 03

    Luke Walton Portrait and Fashion Shoot

    Luke Walton is a local lad I spotted on Instagram. I was on the search for a male with a beard, so I thought he would look good in-front of the lens. We were shooting at the beautiful Darley Abbey Mills in Derby, and next to where the indoor shots were taken, was a motor …

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  • Madison Fiorenza 2017 © Daniel Dytrych 04

    Madison Fiorenza Portrait

    Madison Fiorenza, 21, is a fashion stylist from Darley Abbey, Derby. She clearly exhibits her Italian genetics and the portraits I got of her remind of something similar to Italian Renaissance, which I take inspiration from in my work. – The Collection Images © Daniel Dytrych –

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  • C-Type Prints 2017 © Daniel Dytrych 005

    C-Type Prints Arrived

    I decided to get down to the printing lab a couple of days ago to print the latest batch of portraits that have been taken over the past weeks. It’s always an exciting moment when a photographer is able to see their work appear on an actual print, and it is an occasion that excites …

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  • Rory Howe Portrait

    Rory Howe is a barber who works in Derby. I loved this guys look on Instagram that I had to organise a shoot with him, and he was happy to accept. We spent around an hour doing working through some looks. We will be doing more work together on the streets in months to come. …

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